About Raga Rasa


RAGA : RASA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to the tradition of Indian Classical Music. The organization seeks to foster a deeper understanding of Indian Classical Music and reach beyond to other traditions of music throughout the world through performances, workshops, collaborations, education and outreach projects.


RAGA : RASA – is the brainchild of world renowned Indian classical musician, composer and educator: Kartik Seshadri.


RAGA : RASA: has a very strong social leaning rooted in the idea of Music as a powerful medium for creating Social Change and Empowerment. To that extent, the organization’s vision ranges from proactively engaging with children through outreach and educational projects that have been clearly proven to enhance children’s overall developmental capabilities to participating with organizations that are actively engaged in children’s social causes where music can be used a powerful medium to negotiate social empowerment and change.